2-Year Professional Musical Theatre Training Program

Molloy College Program

Industry Musical Theatre Practicum and Showcase


High School Musical Theatre Training Program

Musical Theatre College Audition Prep Program

Summer Professional Musical Theatre Training Program

Our Goal

Our goal is to create programs that achieve substantial and lasting contributions to the future of the arts. Every CAP21 endeavor embraces the following values:

  • collaboration and exchange between emerging and accomplished artists
  • a nurturing support system
  • an infusion of the traditional with the innovative
  • a commitment to serving and cultivating a diverse audience

CAP21 Philosophy

The CAP21 process of training integrates three crucial components of the Actor: the Instrument, the Craftsman, and the Collaborator. The training of the physical instrument of the actor—the body and the voice—is the groundwork of the technique. Training the craftsman of the actor develops the artist and the storyteller. The collaborator is the third and most crucial component—the ability of the actor to work together with other actors, directors and writers in order to create an ensemble to tell a theatrical musical story. Traditional forms of Acting, Dance, Music and Literature are the base from which the foundation of technique is built for the actor in musical theatre.

CAP21 Training

The Methodology of the training process enables the actor to work with and to be guided by top mentors and professionals in the industry. The CAP21 faculty works as a team. Actors are evaluated at the beginning of each training program and goals are set for the student's work in each class. At the end of program or semester every actor is evaluated by the entire faculty in class work demonstrations.

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