Michon Peacock

Conservatory Director   

Michon Peacock began her professional career in her hometown, St. Paul, MN, at the age of 15.  For the next 25 yrs. she danced, sang and acted – or assisted choreographers, directors, writers and producers on works for Stage, TV & Film.  Her Broadway credits include Bob Fosse's Chicago (ensemble/Annie & Chita's understudy); Seesaw; Bring Back Birdie (Joe Layton's asst. & Chita's understudy); Rachel Lily Rosenblum…..; Georgy; That's Entertainment & others…  Off-Broadway credits include:  Martin Charnin's Upstairs at O'Neals (while pregnant with her daughter) and Love Me, Love My Children.  Touring productions include the first national company of Cabaret; Al Jolson,Tonight  starring Larry Kert; and Shirley MacLaine's Act, plus many regional and summer stock tours and productions.

Her most creatively satisfying experiences centered around performing in and assisting director/choreographer friends in the 70's and 80's on concerts and original projects – wonderful talents such as Tony Stevens, Michael Shawn, Alan Johnson, Grover Dale, Larry Fuller, Christopher Chadman and Michael Bennett.  Because of these opportunities and the bonds that were created, many dialogues took place regarding the need for change in the status of the dancer's role in musical theatre – especially with Tony Stevens. Tony and Michon went on to organize talk sessions with their peers and were instrumental in the inception of  A Chorus Line.

Since 1999 Michon has been the Conservatory Director for CAP21 in collaboration with many skilled artists and teachers dedicated to the development of the next generation of Musical Theatre Artists.


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