Heather Petruzelli

Soprano, Heather Petruzelli, has appeared with The Astoria Symphony, Cantiamo Opera, Liederkranz Opera Theater, Henry Street Opera, New Jersey Association of Verismo Opera, Opera Northeast, The Opera Company of Astoria, New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players, The Civic Orchestra of Northeastern Pennsylvania and as part of  WVIA's Simply Grand Concert Series radio broadcast. In addition to her teaching responsibilities at CAP21 she also has taught full-time at AMDA NYC since 2001. Additionally, she spent 2006-2008 as an adjunct instructor at Wilkes University.  In addition to her work as a teacher and a classical singer, Heather has also performed professionally in a variety of contemporary styles regionally including children's theater at The Castle Theater of New Jersey and in "Promises, Promises" as a pit singer with The Merry-Go-Round Playhouse in Auburn, NY. Heather was also the co-founder of the Opera Company of Astoria which provided multiple performances around Queen's with grant money from the Queens Council on the Arts as a part of allowing opera to reach a larger audience. Heather is an Equity Membership Candidate. 


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